What we do best



Repairs & Refinishing

Fresh Line has several tailors to take care of all your wardrobe needs – The wide range of experience is amazing. There is almost nothing they cannot do. Please come in and talk to your personal tailor today. Our 17th Street location is staffed 6 days a week. Danny, one of our many tailors, has been a professional tailor for over 25 years. Let Danny help you with any of your tailoring and alterations needs.



Think of all your clothes. Are there any suits or dresses you loved long ago that no longer fit? You can save money in the long run by making old classics into new favorites that you can wear again and again.
At Fresh Line, we gently wash them with the best care recommended by the type of sheets you bring in, then we hand press each one, fold them and return them ready for the next great nights sleep!



Having issues with your wardrobe? From buttons falling off, to stuck zippers, unraveling threads or ripped garments – we can help you repair your favorite pieces of clothing.
Are there any shirts, pants, sweaters, suits or dresses in your closet that are in need of repair? Think of us as a mechanic for your clothes. We’ll try to fix what’s going on with your garments!


Dry Cleaning

When you hire a dry cleaner to care for your favorite garments, you’re trusting them with a significant part of your life. Kona Cleaners the Best Dry Cleaners in Orange Ca takes your trust very seriously. Your garments will be ready to wear on time. That’s our pledge. Kona Cleaners offers two dry cleaning options for your clothes: Kona Regular Care for your everyday casual garments and Kona Couture Care for your special couture garments.



When we receive your garment for cleaning, we first do a thorough inspection to determine its condition for cleaning and repairs. This includes determining the type of leather, the composition and makeup of a spot or stain and any visible damage to the garment. There are many different kinds of leather and what works well on some leathers do not necessarily work well on others.



Because leather is an expensive investment, proper care is essential to maintaining leather products. Having it cleaned by a specialist will help make it last longer. In general leather cleaning is recommended every three years or when you spill something on it. Addressing spills in a timely manner is important because age makes it harder to remove spots and stains. And even when it looks clean, the skins probably have dirt particles in them.


The Quickest Way to Handle Your Dry Cleaning. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have real-time access to your dry cleaning information and get notified when your dry cleaning order is ready for pick up? Are you on our Home Delivery service but wish to pick your clothes up at the store for an even faster turnaround?